A student who obtains a conditional pass (P) will be allowed to proceed to the next level of study and the modules in which a student obtains a conditional pass grade will be counted towards the GPA and modular credit requirements (For BHSc-Medicine, refer to PAPRSBIHS rules & regulations).

A student is only allowed to accumulate 2 conditional passes in his/her period of candidature. If a student receives a third conditional pass, it will constitute having failed that module and while it will be counted towards the GPA, it will not be accepted for the modular credit requirements. The student will have to repeat (if it is a degree core or a major core module) or if it is a major option or breadth module, repeat the module or switch to another module in the same category.

If students fail modules that are for credit transfer during the Discovery Year they will have to read additional breadth modules at UBD to accumulate sufficient modular credits for graduation.

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