In the GenNEXT programme, there are no supplementary examinations (For BHSc programme, refer to PAPRSBIHS rules & regulations).

A student is only allowed two attempts to pass a Degree Core or Major Core. If a student fails a Degree Core or Major Core, the student is required to repeat the particular compulsory module when it is next offered. After the second failed attempt, a student’s candidature in a particular degree programme or major will be terminated. The student can apply for a transfer of degree programme or major. If the student is unsuccessful in effecting a transfer of programme or major, his/her candidature in the University will be terminated.

In cases where the student is absent from the examinations, and has a valid reason acceptable to the University Examinations Board, the student will be allowed to resit the examination the next time it is offered. The student will retain his/her continual assessment marks and just sit for the examinations. For retakes, it will be counted as a first attempt in the calculation of the GPA (For rules and regulations regarding retakes, please refer to the University Examination Regulations and Procedures).

If a student fails a major option or a breadth module, he/she may choose to repeat the module or opt to take an alternative module in the same category.

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