The GenNEXT degree works on a Cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA) system (see below)

Grade Grade point
A+ 5.0
A 4.5
B+ 4.0
B 3.5
C+ 3.0
C 2.5
D+ 2.0
D 1.5
Conditional Pass 1.0
F 0

The Formula for calculation cGPA is as follows:

cGPA = Sum (Module grade point x modular credit point assigned to Module x Level weightage of modules)
Sum (modular credit assigned to modules x Level weightage of modules)

Students are advised that although most modules carry 4 modular credits, there are some modules that are assigned between 2 to 8 modular credits.

There will be some modules, especially those taken during the Discovery Year where there is credit rather than grade transfer. Internship Programme, COP and Innovation/Incubation Projects, modules will count towards the modular credits required for graduation, but will not count towards the GPA. Notwithstanding this, students must still pass these modules taken in the Discovery Year and the grades achieved will be reflected in the transcript.

If a student fails the Internship / COP / Innovation / Incubation projects component of their degree requirements, the student must fulfill the credit requirements by taking additional modules at UBD.

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