Fisheries sector plays its important role in the economy of the country, as one of the contributor to the country’s gross income as well as in the provision of income generating activities among the people of Brunei Darussalam.

Fishing has been one of the traditional pastimes in Brunei Darussalam using small boats and traditional gears. Over the years, the capture fishery developed into high technology fishing using bigger boats and better fishing equipment, such as trawlers, purse seiners and long liners. Although, commercial fishing had been developed over 20 years, the small scale fisheries in Brunei Darussalam continue to expand. Presently, fish remains the main source of animal proteins for Bruneians. The per capita consumption of fish is estimated at about 47kg/year, one of the highest in the region. It is estimated that the fish consumption during 2005 is about 19,463 mt..

Ranimah H. A. Wahab
Department Of Fisheries,
Ministry Of Industry and Primary Resources,
Brunei Darussalam


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  • National Synthesis
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