Heart of Borneo | GE-3401

Module details: Heart of Borneo

Module Title Heart of Borneo
Module Code GE-3401
Modular Credit 4
Type of Module Breadth for other Bachelor programmes
Prerequisite None
Anti-requisite None


This module aims to provide students with an overview of key concepts, debates, processes awareness and discourses with regards to the Heart of Borneo and its future sustainable development. This module also seeks to understand the evidence which has emerged from the global change in this region, and the links to Carbon Dioxide level rise and air pollution. It also looks at theories of social vulnerability and protection, sustainable development and disaster risk management in relation to the Heart of Borneo.


Module ContentStudent work loadContact hours for timetabling Assessment
  • Defining Heart of Borneo: environments, economic spaces and cultural landscapes
  • Social and country differences and environmental struggle in Borneo
  • Futures: environmental management and participatory possibilities
  • The emergence of climate change in this region, awareness programme
  • Brunei case study, Brunei participation in community forest.
  • Brunei the green heart of Borneo
  • Brunei Tourism Board, Brunei Tourism Products
  • Brand Concept, Brand Building
8 hours per week
2 hours per week

Examination: 50%

  • Four essay type questions: 50%

Coursework: 50%

  • Project report: 20%
  • Presentation: 15%
  • Tests: 15%


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