Introduction To Brunei Darussalam | PB-1502

Module details: Introduction To Brunei Darussalam

Module Title Introduction To Brunei Darussalam
Module Code PB-1502
Modular Credit 4
Type of Module Compulsory Breadth for all Non-Malay Speaker International Students taking Bachelor programmes
Prerequisite None
Anti-requisite Bruneians and Permanent Residents


This module is designed to introduce foreign students (non-Malay speakers) to significant aspects of life in Brunei Darussalam. It also enables students to learn about and understand Brunei society and culture in a broad and meaningful way. At the end of the module, foreign students are expected to have a greater awareness and understanding of their host country.


Module ContentStudent work loadContact hours for timetabling Assessment
  • Historical overview of Brunei Darussalam
  • The state government and administration
  • Economy of Brunei
  • Education System
  • Geographical aspects of Brunei
  • Brunei society and culture
  • National philosophy (Malay Islam Monarchy)
8 hours per week
2 hours per week

Coursework: 100%

- Participation: 20%

- Presentation

  • Group: 15%
  • Individual: 15%

- Report

  • Group: 15%
  • Individual 15%

- Test

  • Short Answer Questions: 10%
  • MCQs: 10%


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