About ABS

The Academy of Brunei Studies (APB) was established in 1990 as a multi-disciplinary centre for study and research covering all aspects of life in Brunei Darussalam. Undergraduate programmes in Brunei Studies were first offered in 1996, graduate degrees followed in 2004. Today, the Academy offers Bachelor of Arts in Brunei Studies, Master of Arts by Research and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Despite being the smallest of UBD’s faculties, the Academy of Brunei Studies is also one of the most vibrant and dynamic, providing a lively, informed academic environment in which undergraduate and graduate students are able to thrive. All staff are experts in their subject areas and generally adopt a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and research. They also place great emphasis on making the Academy a stimulating and friendly place to study.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the Academy is reflected in the diverse range of modules offered to undergraduate students in the following fields: Languages, Literature (traditional and modern), History, Technology Studies (traditional and modern), Material Culture, Politics, Education, International Relations, Geography, Fisheries, Malay Islamic Monarchy, Economics, Material Culture, Islam and Sociocultural Studies.

The Academy also has a growing community of about forty local and international students studying for Master of Arts by Research and Doctor of Philosphy degrees on a diverse range of topics that include comparative and multi-country studies.



Titah Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Bagi Penubuhan Akademi Pengajian Brunei