The Academy of Brunei Studies is UBD’s main centre for social science and humanities research relating to Brunei Darussalam. In addition to research on Brunei, many staff members have strong academic and research interests in other parts of Borneo and Southeast Asia as a whole.

Academy staff are currently carrying out research in the following areas:

  • Bandar Seri Begawan as a sustainable city: Commodification of Brunei’s local heritage and culture.
  • Brunei textiles (textiles and identity, consumption of traditional woven textiles).
  • The effects and problems of population movements from Kampong Ayer to land.
  • The literature of Brunei (traditional and modern).
  • Social aspects of migrant workers in Brunei.
  • Devience and crime in Brunei.
  • Emerging social problems in Brunei.
  • Development and social issues in Brunei.
  • Historiography of Brunei titles.
  • Ethnohistory of Brunei ethnic groups.
  • Malay Islamic Monarchy.
  • The pre-modern history of Island Southeast Asia with particular reference to Brunei and Sulawesi.
  • The rise of complex society in Island Southeast Asia: Coastal Borneo and Sulawesi.
  • The tansmission and transformation of Southeast Asian oral historical traditions and their relationship to the written register.
  • Traditional medicine.
  • The administration of Islamic family law in Brunei.
  • The development of commercial fishing in Brunei.
  • Traditional fishing methods of Brunei Darussalam.
  • Peace and conflict studies in Asia.
  • The new ASEAN way of conflict management.
  • Pax Sinica (The Chinese model of peace creation in Asia).
  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as a conflict management regime.


If you would like to learn more about research undertaken at the Academy, or are interested in carrying out collaborative research with any of its staff, please contact the faculty representative.