Graduate research is an important component of the Academy of Brunei Studies’ increasingly research focused outlook. The Academy currently has a growing community of about forty local and international students studying for Master of Arts (MA) by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. As part of its research drive, the Academy aims to increase this number over the coming years.

Applications for MA by Research or PhD degrees are particularly encouraged in the following fields:
  • Development and Social Issues in Brunei.
  • Brunei International Relations.
  • Brunei History (Pre-modern to Modern).
  • Ethnohistory.
  • Brunei Socioeconomics.
  • The National Concept of Malay Islamic Monarchy.
  • Brunei Material Culture.
  • Brunei Customs and Traditions.
  • Brunei Literature.
  • Islamic Law and Governance.
  • Administration of Islamic Family Law in Brunei.
  • Ethnicity in Brunei.
  • Fishing and Fisheries in Brunei (Traditional and Modern).
  • Peace and Conflict Studies.
  • Deviance and Crime.
  • Migrant Workers in Brunei.
  • Gender and Society.

Comparative and multi-country studies that include Brunei are accepted in all fields.

Students can write in English or Malay.



A limited number of scholarships are available to outstanding candidates.

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Entry Requirements

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Other Information