Legal Law System (Brunei Darussalam and Other Muslim Regions)

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Qualified applicants are invited to apply for a position in Islamic Law at the Academy of Brunei Studies (ABS), a multidisciplinary research and teaching centre concerned with all aspects of life in Brunei Darussalam relating to the humanities and social sciences. As part of its research focus, ABS also undertakes comparative and multi-country studies and research on the wider Southeast Asian region with a particular interest in Borneo.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Applications must have a PhD in an in an appropriate discipline (Islamic Law or related specialized fields in Principles of Islamic Law) with a strong background in Brunei Studies or the wider Muslim world. In particular, the transnational and global perspectives of jurisprudence and methodologies, family law, criminal law and financial law, critical areas of intersection with international human rights, the role of law in and its relationship with society, which not limited to issues of gender, colonialism, constitutional law and plural legal systems.
  • A proven record of teaching excellence at undergraduate and graduate level.
  • An excellent international publication record, commensurate with experience. This excellence should be reflected in Scopus and Google Scholar.
  • Demonstrate successful application, completion and leadership of research projects and their outcomes, and have a detailed future research plan, both short term and long term.

Other Preferred Qualifications:

  • The potential applicant must have strong academic expertise in Principles of Islamic Law and the Islamic Legal Law System, particularly Shari'a Law, and have professional background involvement through leaderships in both public and private sectors in the application of Islamic law principles, the role of Islamic law and its relationship to society in Brunei Darussalam.
  • Evidence of service and contribution to the domicile university (s) in terms profession and leadership in professional organizations outside university, editorial activities both in university and outside university etc. The successful applicant would also be expected to participate in the Academy's administrative activities and community services.
  • Evidence of integrating technology into teaching, experience of on-line teaching, or use of other emerging technologies and evidence of public engagement in the learning experience. Teaching experience in Malay Language and English Language at undergraduate and graduate level, would be an advantage.