Campus Health and Safety Campaign

  • 15:30
  • UBD Chancellor Hall
Campus Health and Safety Campaign

As a measure to ensure a conducive environment for academic learning on campus, UBD has been actively looking into ways to promote and exercise healthy lifestyle. “healthy lifestyle, healthy minds” – is a concept that UBD strongly embraces. One of UBD’s principles lies in holistic health, which encompasses physical and environmental health.

UBD recognises that an institute for academic learning is also a place to learn and practice holistic aspects of life. In its advocacy for health mindset, healthy culture and healthy practices, UBD has held a university-wide approach on its weekly fitness activities on Wednesdays at 4.30pm that started eight months ago. The weekly event brings together all students, staff and visitors to participate in a range of fitness activities such as running/jogging, cycling, high intensity trainings and yoga, to promote health for the body and mind. The initiative is also a ground for the staff, students and visitors to network and collaborate, as well as to promote harmony and friendship within the UBD community.

UBD takes proactive measures to ensure health, safety and cleanliness of the campus to ensure comfort and safety for its community. In light of the global alarm over the Zika virus, UBD is taking steps to identify potential mosquito breeding areas to be eradicated and is initiating a weekly cleaning campaign involving both staff and students. The Office of Health, Safety and Environment (OSHE) has begun fogging the campus two weeks ago to ensure a cleaner, healthier and risk-free environment for all.

UBD is also working together with Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) on a Campus Safety and Health Campaign which was launched on 10 September 2016. The aim of this campaign is to encourage the UBD Community to unite and work together towards a cleaner and greener campus. The event also will help to promote awareness, inculcate a positive and proactive safety and health culture as well as instilling a great sense of responsibility and obligation to keep the campus safe and clean for all.

UBD will continue to take preventative measures and monitor campus activities to ensure health and safety for its community.


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