Students are required to read a number of modules designed to provide general education and have knowledge beyond the specialization of their major. Breadth modules can be offered within the Faculty. Students are also required to read modules from other Faculties/Academy/Institutes/Schools, for exposure and to broaden their knowledge. In GenNEXT, students will have to take 40 – 50 % of their credit requirements in breadth modules [For BHSc-Medicine, refer to PAPRSBIHS rules & regulations].

At least 16 modular credits will have to be taken outside the Faculty in which - the student is registered. This can include the multidisciplinary General Education (GE) modules. For example, a student registered in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences will have to read at least 16 modular credits in modules offered in Business, Brunei Studies, Language, Health Sciences, Education, Science or Integrated Technologies (please refer to the specific requirements set out for the Academy of Brunei Studies students). (For BHSc-Medicine, refer to PAPRSBIHS rules & regulations).

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