Students are required to read a combination of depth and breadth modules. In addition, there may be specific Faculty and programme requirements that a student must fulfil in order to graduate. Most students will be expected to read a minimum of 140 modular credits to satisfy the requirements for graduation.

(For BHSc-Medicine and BEng, refer to PAPRSBIHS and FIT rules & regulations respectively)

All students in the GenNEXT degree will enrol in a 4 year programme leading to a degree in single major (3 or 4 year programme for BHSc-Medicine). Some students may apply to enrol in a major/minor combination, a double major combination or a double degree combination. The requirements for these variant programmes will be specified by each Faculty. Depending on the Faculty that a student is offered admission, a student will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Student must fulfill all university, faculty, programme, Discovery Year and breadth requirements to graduate (For details, please refer to the University Examination Regulations).

In the above degree programme under GenNEXT, the classification of degrees to be awarded is:
Bachelor’s Degree (First Class Honours)
Bachelor’s Degree (Second Class Honours Upper Division)
Bachelor’s Degree (Second Class Honours Lower Division)
Bachelor’s Degree (Third Class Honours)
Bachelor’s Degree (Pass)

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