The GenNEXT degreee operates on a system in which students read modules and gain modular credits. The number of modular credits reflects the workload required for each module.

Most modules are worth 4 modular credits. Other modules are from 2 to 8 modular credits (For GenNEXT degrees offered by PAPRSBIHS and FIT, refer to their respective rules & regulations).

In most cases, 140 modular credits translate to 35 modules in the 4 year programme. However, students should design their study programme wisely, to ensure that they satisfy all the requirements needed for graduation.

Students are required (except for the final semester of their degree) to read a minimum of 12 modular credits and a maximum of 20 modular credits in any one semester. Students who do not register for at least 12 modular credits in any one semester will be put under probationary status.

A student who seeks to read more than 20 modular credits in a semester will require the approval of the Faculty Dean. As taking more than 20 modular credits entails an extremely heavy workload, approval will be discretionary and considered on a case by case basis.

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