Basics of Brunei Studies | PB-1201

Module details: Basics of Brunei Studies

Module Title Basics of Brunei Studies
Module Code PB-1201
Modular Credits 4
Type of Module Major Core for Bachelor of Arts Major in Brunei Studies

Breadth for other Bachelor programmes
Prerequisite None
Anti-requisite None


This module aims to expose and introduce students to the various basics and disciplines related to Brunei studies that they will undertake throughout the course of their study. After completion of this module the students will gain wider knowledge and understanding about the disciplines relevant to Brunei Studies in general.


Module ContentStudent work loadContact hours for timetabling Assessment
  • What constitutes Brunei Studies?
  • Introduction to the core disciplines in Brunei Studies - basics and theoretical approaches of social sciences, religion, history, anthropology, sociology, political science, economy, philosophy, and law.
  • Introduction to Brunei Studies Academic Exercise - Essay or report writing skills and format.
  • Community services, work attachment and Internship - managing and evaluating activities, writing reports.
8 hours per week
2 hours per week

Coursework: 100%

  • Discussion and Participation:  20% (2% x 10 topics)
  • Weekly Individual Reports:  50% (5% x 10 topics)
  • Individual Report (summing up of weekly reports):  10%
  • Individual Report Presentation:  10%
  • Written Test:  10%


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