Languages in Brunei | PB-2304

Module details: Languages in Brunei

Module Title Languages in Brunei
Module Code PB-2304
Modular Credit 2
Type of Module Major Option for Bachelor of Arts Major in Brunei Studies

Breadth for other Bachelor programmes
Prerequisite None
Anti-requisite None


This module aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge on the systems of phonology, morphology, semantic and syntax of Austronesian languages. After taking this module students are expected to be able to identify the variations of languages usage in Brunei, study the development and status of Malay language and other languages in Brunei. In addition students are also expected to gain knowledge on the language evolution and its relationship with languages in Brunei.


Module ContentStudent work loadContact hours for timetabling Assessment
  • Austronesian languages and other languages that used in Brunei.
  • To explain the system of phonology, morphology, semantics and syntax of Austronesian languages in Brunei.
  • The variations of languages usage in Brunei
  • History and development of Malay Language
  • The implementation and the status of Malay language and other languages in Brunei.
  • Language evolution and its relation towards languages in Brunei.
8 hours per week
2 hours per week

Examination: 50%

  • Four essay type questions: 50%

Coursework: 50%

  • Project report: 20%
  • Presentation: 15%
  • Tests: 15%


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