Workshop aims to better understand MIB values

|     Azaraimy HH     |

NEARLY 40 tour guides and tourism industry professionals attended a Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) workshop for tourism on Monday.

The two-day workshop was officially opened by Dr Haji Muhammad Hadi bin Muhammad Melayong, Senior Special Duties Officer at the Secretariat Office of the MIB Supreme Council.

In his opening speech, Dr Haji Muhammad Hadi stated that the workshop was in line with the nation’s efforts to diversify the economy while maintaining the values of MIB.

He hoped that the workshop could provide organisations involved in the tourism sector a better understanding of MIB values.

Through the workshop, tour guides will be able to recognise and further understand the historical aspects for the existence of MIB, its concept, as well as its culture and customs in Brunei Darussalam.

Group photo of participants and presenters. – AZARAIMY HH

“The values of MIB presented in the workshop can be practised, appreciated and made use of by the tour guides and tourism professionals in their everyday jobs,” said Dr Haji Muhammad Hadi. “In other words, the MIB values can be shared and given exposure through the tourism industry (by way of tour guides relaying MIB-related information to tourists or visitors to the country).”

Presenters during the workshop included Dr Haji Muhammad Hadi, Pengiran Dr Khairul Rijal bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Rahim, Dr Siti Norkhalbi binti Haji Wahsalfelah, and Dr Haji Tassim bin Haji Abu Bakar.

Source Borneo Bulletin

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